Bespoke+ Challenge - Win $500

Our mission is to make your hot tub, and our planet, last longer. We want you to join our efforts and stay engaged with helping our brand make the planet more sustainable.

Take Photos, Win Prizes

Let's start our journey together with a fun contest. We're giving away prizes for people who post fun & creative pictures of their hot tub environment with our products.

  1. Take a picture of your hot tub (with or without people) that includes one or more of our bottles. 
  2. Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #BespokeChallenge and tag us at @BespokePlus
  3. Follow @BespokePlus on Instagram so that we're able to message you to let you know if you won.

Pro tip: Creative pictures with a tie-in to the importance of saving our planet gives you an edge on the competition.

What's the prize?

Every quarter, we give out a grand prize of $500 to the winner with the best, most creative and well received post.

Bonus: There will be many prizes given for those who give an amazing effort! More than 100 runner ups will receive other cash prizes, gift cards, and free products for their efforts.