bespoke purpose

Taking care of our planet starts with taking care of our products. At Bespoke+, we recognize that humans will always be aggressive consumers as it relates to their hobbies - that will never change.

We can, however, change the ritual of how we take care of the products we use to make them last longer. 

Landfills affect the air we breathe, the water we drink, the world we are sharing. The over-filling of these landfills harmfully impacts the environment.

We asked ourselves, what can our role be in helping to reduce waste?

We found our corner of the world where we can help.

We dig deeper than the mass sustainability efforts that are well known, such as recycling cardboard boxes. We narrow in on specific areas (like hot tub ownership), to shine light on the importance of sustainable hobbying.

We don't make products, we make things happen

  1. We make things last - Our brand has specific purpose. Make your belongings, and therefore our planet, last. Each of our products is created to ensure you're able to reduce the amount of times you change your water or replace your filter or hot tub. 
  2. We make information available - We uncovered that less prevalent products have fewer informational resources available on how to responsibly care for and discard items. We focus on educating our audience on sustainability as it relates to their individual passions.


Like us, you're probably asking yourself - how can you play a role in reducing waste?

Not all heroes wear capes. A little effort goes a long way. As fellow hot tub enthusiasts, we made a promise to focus on making our water and hot tub products last.

  • Rather than replace your cartridge filter, clean it regularly to make it last 5x longer. 
  • Break the routine of replacing your water every time the water becomes tainted. Instead, course-correct your water and properly maintain your water balance to avoid future contamination.
  • Make your hot tub last - and when it doesn't, use a responsible, green approach to disposing of your tub.