Fixing the Discolored Hot Tub Water

If your water in your hot tub or spa has turned brown or green, you are not alone. This is not an uncommon issue. Many spa lovers alike experience their system turning brown or green, which can make the entire experience less than enjoyable.

Luckily, your hot tub is not broken, and this is not a permanent issue. Here we will break down what is happening in your system, how to fix your water back to its original color, and how to prevent color changes in the future.

How to fix discolored hot tub water brown or green.

Why is the Water Suddenly Green or Brown?

Spa water that has become discolored to a shade of green or brown is often indicative of build-up in your system. This buildup typically consists of metal or scale that causes discoloration. Copper, Iron, and Manganese are common metals that can be found in your spa water, and over time, the build-up of these metals results in brown or green water. In addition to metal buildup, your hot tub can also develop a build-up of silica and calcium scale. Neither of these elements is harmful but can result in a less than optimal spa environment.

How do I fix Discolored Water in my Hot Tub or Spa?

Now that you understand the cause of your water change within your spa system, you can now appropriately fix the issue. For metal buildup, it is best to find a pre-prepared solution to run through your hot tub system that breaks down metal residue. The product should be added to your hot tub and then circulated for at least 30 minutes for optimal results. If your spa system has scale buildup then a different solution should be used. Use a scale prevention treatment to break down mineral deposits and prevent stains in your spa. Follow the directions on the bottle. It is usually recommended to let this treatment run through your spa filtration system for at least an hour, once per week.

Are There Other Preventative Measures I can take to Keep my Spa Clean?

The two solutions above are not only great at getting rid of metal and scale buildup, but they can also be used as a preventative measure against discoloration in your spa or hot tub. In addition to these liquid applications, there are a few other preventative measures you can take for the best spa experience. It is highly recommended to keep your hot tub covered when it is not in use. This can prevent foreign contaminants from entering your spa. It is also recommended to regularly inspect your system and ensure that it is running at its full potential.

Overall Thoughts for Discolored Spa Water:

Having discolored water in shades of green or brown is indicative that you have some metal and scale built up in your filtration system. There are plenty of pre-made products on the market that you can add to your spa to get rid of these elements and prevent their build-up in the first place. Most solutions are added directly to the hot tub water and are run through the filtration system for thirty minutes to an hour. With these tips, you will have a clean and clear spa in no time.