How to Clean Dirty Hot Tub Cartridge Filter

Caring for your hot tub filter plays a key role in reducing waste. Regularly cleaning your hot tub cartridge filter avoids wasting water by frequently refilling your hot tub and also reduces waste from using many filter replacements.

We strongly advocate for cleaning your spa filters rather than replacing them. When properly cared for, hot tub filters can last up to a year before needing a replacement. Use our hot tub filter cleaner to play your part in keeping your filters, and the earth, a little bit cleaner.

Learn how to clean hot tub filters and avoid needing hot tub filter replacements.

Lucky for you - we've created a hot tub filter cleaner with a bespoke purpose. Our spa filter cleaner is a quick, 60 minute soak that leaves your cartridge looking and feeling brand new.

Using our spa filter cleaner is easy. We made it that way in an effort to get people to clean filters more and buy filters less.

How to use our hot tub filter cleaner:

  1. Turn off the filter and remove the cartridge.
  2. Fill a 5 gallon bucket of with water.
  3. Dump 1 bottle of our spa filter clean chemical into the bucket.
  4. Wait 30 - 60 minutes depending on how soiled the filter is.
  5. Pull filter out and rinse with water from a hose to remove the filter clean liquid from the filter.
  6. Put the cartridge back into your hot tub filter inlet.

It's that easy. Pickup a bottle of Bespoke's hot tub filter cleaner and give your filter a makeover to keep your spa water clean.