How to Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Is your spa and hot tub water are cloudy? Possibly a tint of color, possibly not - but if it's not perfectly clear, you may have an issue.

 Learn how to fix cloudy hot tub water.

What causes cloudy water in spas and hot tubs?

  • Water has become unbalanced
  • The level of sanitizer in the system is too low
  • The filtration system is dirty
  • Not enough circulation of the water
  • The calcium hardness of the water is too high.
  • Organic contaminants in the water

How to fix cloudy spa water

Follow the below steps when attempting to fix and prevent cloudy water in your spa or hot tub. At the bottom of our guide, we provide a list of products needed to assess and fix the situation.

Test your pH level using test strips.

If the water is out of balance, first fix the alkalinity before trying to stabilize pH.

Alkalinity levels should be adjusted.

If your alkalinity is low, use an Alkalinity Increaser to restore balance. If alkalinity levels are too high, use a pH reduction product to lower the reading.


One way to maintain pH levels is to ensure they are balanced.

If pH levels are low, use a pH booster to make them higher. However, if pH levels are high use a pH decreaser to make them lower.

Make sure Sanitizer levels are correct.

The best way to ensure sanitizer levels are at a desirable level is to analyze and balance them.

  • Bromine tablets or granules should be maintained between 4 and 6 ppm.
  • The in-line or floaters for bromine should be between 1 and 2 parts per million.
  • Recommended chlorine levels should be between 3 and 5 ppm. Saltwater spas require only a minimal effort to maintain balance.

    Clean the spa filter regularly

    Spa filters should be cleaned monthly and replaced every 3 months. If the water is clear but your spa filter keeps producing cloudy water, soak it in a filter clarifier for a half-hour to an hour.


    Ensure the spa has enough circulation to avoid stagnant water.

    Spa water should undergo at least 4 hours of circulation per day. If your spa water is still a problem and these other issues have been resolved, then circulate it for an additional 6 hours daily for several more days.

    Check and Balance Calcium Levels

    To find out your water hardness, one option is to perform an at-home test using a calcium hard packet. Alternatively, you can take a sample of your water to the spa retailer for testing. To adjust the water to a proper calcium level, use Spa Calcium Increaser.

    Water needs to have a chlorine and bromine calcium level of 75 - 150ppm.

    In saltwater, the salinity should range from 25 to 75ppm. Remove organic micro contaminants.


    If the above methods have not resolved the cloudy water, it may be caused by organic contaminants (body oils and lotions).

    • Add 2oz of water clarifier per 250 gallons. This will make microparticles too small for the filter to catch become larger and allow them to be caught in the spa's filter.
    • Add one fluid ounce of natural enzyme per 250 gallons of water to remove organic contaminants such as oils and cosmetics.

    Stop the cloudy water from forming

    Hot tub maintenance is important for preventing cloudy water. Responsible use and following these recommendations are key to maintaining clear hot tubs.

    Hot tub tips to avoid cloudy water:

    • Ensure that the hot tub is covered when not in use.
    • Always shower before using the hot tub.
    • Ideally, use your hot tub at night or position yourself in a shaded area to avoid needing sunscreen. Avoid the use of lotions and oils when using the hot tub.
    • Rinse your bathing suit before use to remove any chlorine and other chemicals that may have built up. Ideally, try using a dedicated swimsuit just for the hot tub in order to avoid detergent buildup when washing them on occasion.

    Preventing cloudy water in your hot tub:

    • Check the alkalinity and sanitizer levels on a regular basis.
    • Make sure that the water is circulating for 4-6 hours per day.
    • The calcium balance needs to be checked on a daily basis.
    • Make sure that the filter is soaked once a month in a cleaning solution.
    • Per 250 gallons of water - add 1 oz of natural enzyme once per week.
    • Per 250 gallons of water - add 2 oz of spa clarifier once per week.

    Products used when treating cloudy hot tub water

    • Test strips - Test your alkalinity, pH and Calcium levels
    • Alkalinity Increaser - Used for increasing low alkalinity
    • pH Increaser - to increase the levels of PH
    • pH Decreaser - Decreases pH levels and alkalinity
    • Calcium Increaser - When calcium levels need to be increased
    • Filter cleaner - In order for the life span of a filter to be extended and to avoid the look of cloudy water, filters need to be soaked monthly in filter cleaner.
    • Water Clarifier - The filter catches microscopic contaminants
    • Natural Enzyme - Using this cleaning solution at your pool can help to remove algae and organic contaminants.