How to Fix Hot Tub Water That Irritates Your Skin

There are instances when hot tub water will irritate your eyes or skin after using it. Some of the issues with the hot tub water, in this case, include numerous organic contaminants, using low-quality chemicals, the water has no balance, and the water circulation is poor.

Learn how to fix water irritants in hob water.

When you experience such issues, you need to consult a medic depending on how severe your condition is.

The skin irritation condition because of the hot tub water can be diagnosed and treated using the following steps:

1) Ensure you don’t Have any Allergies

There are individuals who are allergic to specific chemicals that are used when treating water. If it’s your first time using a hot tub, you should consider that allergies are the main issue. Ensure you’ve undergone a checkup to determine whether you’re really experiencing allergies or your general health is affected.

2) Test the Alkalinity Levels and pH using Test Strips

If the pH is balanced, you can go ahead and use the hot tub water. If the pH is not balanced, you should ensure the alkalinity levels are fixed before fixing the pH levels.

3) The Alkalinity Levels Should be Balanced

For low alkalinity levels, you should apply alkalinity increases. For high alkalinity levels, you’ll reduce alkalinity using a pH decreaser.

4) Balance and Analyze the Sanitizer Levels

If the spa is saltwater sanitized, there will be minimal balancing required. You can also add bromine tablets at the rate of 4 to 6 ppm.

5) Get Rid of the Organic Micro Contaminants

Suppose you try all the options listed above, and you still experience a sense of irritability. In that case, it means organic contaminants such as lotions or body oils are responsible for the irritation. Fortunately, there is a solution to these issues. You can add natural enzymes or water clarifiers to the water at a specific rate if you want to get rid of the organic contaminants.

6) The Circulation Activity in the Spa Water Should be Sufficient

The spa water is supposed to undergo circulation for at least four to six hours daily. If the water has not circulated enough and you have resolved all the issues listed above, you should ensure the water has circulated six hours a day for an entire week.

How Do You Prevent Irritation with Spa Water?

The hot tub should be maintained regularly. It should also be used responsibly if you want to prevent skin irritation. Some of the recommendations that will ensure the spa water isn’t irritable include:

  • Always shower before you go ahead and use the hot tub
  • Ensure you’re not allergic to the chemicals being used in the hot tub
  • Cover the hot tub when not using it
  • Don’t wear lotions, oils, or makeup

If you maintain the hot tub well, you won’t have to worry about irritation. Some of the tips you should try out include:

  • The water should circulate for four to six hours a day
  • Check the sanitizer and alkalinity levels in the water
  • Use high-quality chemicals in the hot tub

Do you experience irritation when you use hot tub water? If yes, there is no need to worry further. You should utilize each of the tips listed above, and you won’t have to worry about skin irritation further.